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Do you distribute pesticides, consult farmers and enjoy the trust of your customers? Do you want to make sure that this remains so and hold on to your market position in the future? Then you should also understand what is changing in your customers’ fields. Increasing resistance to herbicides makes it necessary to reconsider some of your recommendations. Knowing which types of resistance and mechanisms are present can help. This will become increasingly important for retaining your customer’s loyalty.

Today, agriculture has access to a diversified crop protection market and can avail of a range of different herbicides. These have to be used sustainably. Farmers need to be supported and require expert advice.

PlantaLyt provides various test systems for you, which help you to support your clients in the sustainable use of herbicides. Contact us!

Our test systems for you at a glance:

  • Sensitivity Test NEW !: Ensure the success of your recommendation. Use our resistance early warning system before application!
  • Resistance Test: Verify herbicide resistance in the field after application with ease!
  • Leaf-Test: Rapid test for the diagnosis of herbicide resistances (Target-site resistance) through genetic analysis
  • Resistance profiles: Learn which products are still effective in the field or which have the best partial efficacy!
  • Testing of compounds: Quantify the efficacy of herbicide mixtures and additives under greenhouse conditions!

Our Tests

Sensitivity Test

Resistance Test


Resistance profiles

Testing of compounds

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