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Is the use of herbicides one of your most powerful tools for the direct control of weeds? Such use must be economically viable. It should provide added value for you and have minimum impact on the environment. Sustainable use of herbicides should be obligatory for farmers, as well as in their own interest.

The occurrence of herbicide resistance in weeds is no longer a rarity and is effecting an increasing number of farms.

If you suspect herbicide resistance in your field, you should take a moment to perform a diagnosis by exclusion (see: in the chapter ”Field Observation”). If your suspicion is confirmed by the signs, you should check for resistance. The sooner you are aware of all of the facts, the more precisely you can take action against this. Often, one field is symptomatic of all comparable fields on a farm. An analysis confirms your decision. Only a resistance test can prove whether resistance is present and confirm mere suspicions.

PlantaLyt can help you!

We offer our customers a wide range of different test systems that help to prevent or detect herbicide resistance. Based on reliable and independent results, a sustainable weed management strategy is designed for your farm. Optimization of the product choice will save your long term operating costs and ensure the efficiency of your actions.

Our test systems for you at a glance:

  • Sensitivity Test NEW!: Ensure the success of your herbicide treatment. Our Sensitvity Test is a resistance Early Warning System to be used before application!
  • Resistance Test: Simple detection of herbicide resistances in weeds sampled in the field!
  • Leaf-Test: Diagnose herbicide resistances through genetic analysis
  • Resistance Profiles: Learn which products are still effective in your fields or have the best partial efficacy!

Find out more about herbicide resistance, its causes and spread, along with interesting articles from HRAC (Herbicide Resistance Action Committee) at

Our Tests

Sensitivity Test
Resistance Test
Resistance Profiles

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