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Pesticides are of great importance for ensuring food production worldwide. As a developer and manufacturer of herbicides, you invest in the research, development and approval of new herbicides. You strive to bring innovative products to market and want to keep them on the market for as long as possible. In addition to the increasingly stringent legal requirements that ensure a high level of protection for humans and the environment, you will also have to deal with weeds that will evolve to become resistant to new products more quickly in the future.

These ”resistance experiences” are transferred to future generations of weeds. A field’s seed bank stores the experience like a memory. You may be wondering whether your new product might be effected by cross-resistance. Which mechanisms of resistance to your product might already exist? How common are these mechanisms in the primary regions where you want to sell your products?

Against this background, your main goal must be to make your product safe and to maintain its sustainability.

PlantaLyt supports customers from industry with on-demand test systems and specialist knowledge regarding herbicide resistance. We want to be your partner for your product stewardship. Knowledge secures your competitive advantage. Let us discuss your requirements together.


Our Tests for you at a glance:

  • SNP-Analysis: Diagnose Target-site Resistance through molecular genetic analysis
  • Resistance Profiles: Determine how effective your products are in comparison to competing products and analyze which resistance mechanisms are widespread
  • Baseline-Sensitivity Studies: Comply with approval requirements and determine the baseline sensitivity of common weeds to your product
  • Testing of Compounds: Determine the efficacy of herbicide mixtures and additives in greenhouse
  • We offer defined weed seeds for your internal tests. We also reproduce weed seeds with specific traits (e.g., homozygous resistance) on your behalf


Our Tests


Resistance Profiles

Baseline-Sensitivity Studies

Testing of Compounds

Resistant Seeds

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