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You work in public service and bear a great responsibility toward your farmers. The use of pesticides within and outside of the agricultural sector is a sensitive topic. In addition to the proper, sustainable and economic use of herbicides, you also work to achieve environmentally friendly and consumer-oriented plant protection.

In monitoring studies, an increasing tolerance up to outright resistance to herbicides with different mode of action is being observed. Resistance is not rare anymore. Curbing this growing trend is in the vital interest of the public. Numerous questions are raised: What products in your area of responsibility are effected by resistance? What mechanisms are behind this? How can farmers’ attitudes be adjusted in order to retain good herbicides in practice for as long as possible?

This requires an adequate knowledge base. PlantaLyt supports its customers by providing various test systems that serve the purposes of monitoring herbicide resistance and developing management strategies.

Our test systems for you at a glance:

  • SNP-Analysis: Diagnose the occurrence of Target-site resistance through molecular genetic analysis
  • Resistance Profiles: Conduct monitoring studies and learn which products show the best efficacy in the field!
  • Furthermore, we offer defined weed seeds with special traits as a reference for your internal studies

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