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Resistant Seeds

What are resistant seeds?

Resistant seeds are weed seeds from fields where either resistance was diagnosed or where no resistance can be detected (sensitive biotypes). We collect the weeds without further selection directly from the fields. The material is defined in the greenhouse. The resistance profile is created and, for resistant biotypes, the frequency of TSR is determined by molecular genetics. A germination rate and the frequencies of the genotypes are provided. The material defined in this manner can be used as a reference in experiments.

On request, we can also provide seeds from other plant species or carry out propagation orders on your behalf for the desired species. For example, do you have plants with a particular resistance and want to reproduce these homozygously? We select the homo- and heterozygous plants using molecular genetic analysis and guarantee homozygous seed to 99%.

When are defined seeds used?

The seed should be used only for research and experimental purposes. Field trials should only be performed if the biotype can be removed after the trials.

What type of material is required for defined seeds?

In the case of propagation of seeds for a desired biotype, as the starting material we require a quantity of seeds to cultivate the stem population as determined with you in advance according to seed quality. Please contact us regarding this.

List of available seeds

plant species


genotype frequency (%)

germination rate (%)

price/g germinable seeds

black grass, ALOMY,
Alopecurus myosuroides Huds.

Trp/Leu574 95 % 45 % 10 €



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